Check Out These Mesmerizing Screen Prints By Chuck Sperry

Even if you are not familiar with the name of American screen print artist Chuck Sperry, chances are that you’ve probably seen some of his works. Sperry creates mesmerizing screen prints on paper and wood panels, with his subjects ranging from rock posters to activism.

Sperry is considered one of the artists who brought the craft of printmaking into the realm of fine arts. His works represent a mix of the psychedelic vibe of the ’70s with modern elements. They are colorful, trippy, and full of intriguing details.

For more than two decades, Sperry has been exhibiting his works in art galleries, museums, and festivals. His works are part of the permanent collection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the Library of Congress. He is also known for frequently taking his works on the road all over the world and displaying them in public spaces like parks, music venues, and community centers.

Additionally, Sperry has been providing courses and organizing workshops through which he shares the intricacies of his craft. In doing so, he aims to help and inspire a new generation of poster makers and screen print artists.

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