Check Out This Beautiful Ocean Inspired Embroidery

Helen Wilde is a UK-based, award-winning embroider who has been working in the design world for many years now. Her creations are inspired by the ocean and nature; she makes oceanic landscapes in her 3D hoop embroideries.

Using mostly natural colors, Wilde layers stitches, knots, twists, and pom-poms. The artist has been working with big brand names such as Harrods and Lush Cosmetics, and she has been featured in Elle Decoration Magazine, The Guardian, Stylist Magazine, and Design Seeds. Wilde made her own embroidery line called Ovo Bloom.

“The products and contents of Ovo Bloom are where my true passion lies, this is me, this is what I love and I hope you love it too,” Wilde wrote on Etsy.

You can find her work on Instagram, where she shares all of her beautiful creations, or on Etsy where you can purchase some of her masterpieces.

To see more scroll down and check out the gallery below.