Check Out This Colorful Animal Embroidery By Laura McGarrity

Having your own style is extremely important when it comes to art. It enables the artist to present familiar subjects without being repetitive. The works of self-taught embroidery artist Laura McGarrity are the perfect example of this.

McGarrity enjoys creating embroidery art centered on animals, which is something we had the opportunity to see countless times before. However, she still manages to make her works look fresh and stand out thanks to the use of vibrant color palettes.

“Animals are a viral subject, so I like to add my own ‘flavor’ to a painting by reinterpreting them with various color palettes,” McGarrity shared in a recent interview. “I still feel like I’m getting the hang of things, so I enjoy experimenting with a wide range of stitches and techniques.”

Fiber art was something that McGarrity always appreciated, and she engaged in its various forms over the years. However, it was embroidery that ultimately captured her attention, and she has been making embroidery art for the past three years.

Thanks to her dedication and continuous effort, McGarrity brought her embroidery skills to an impressive level. Her works, which can take days to complete, are complex, and detailed, and can be easily mistaken for a painting. Scroll down to enjoy more of them.