Comic About a Girl Who Says The Funniest Things in the World

Kids are the cutest things in the world who are always making us laugh with all the funny things they say. A 4-year-old girl called Avy is one of those kids who inspired her aunt to make a hilarious comic.

“Avy is this beautiful little ball of amazingness who says some of the most wickedly funny things without even trying,” aunt Sharon shared with Bored Panda.

“I’ve written down all the little nuggets of innocent quips Avy’s dropped from when she first started forming longer sentences at 2, and one day decided to create them into a comic to share with everyone and make their day a little more smiley.”

These funny illustrations are mostly based on real situations and Avy’s conversations with her cat called Sugar. The interesting thing, though, is that Sugar is not a real cat, but Avy’s stuffed toy and her faithful companion.

Take a look at this funny comic that’ll brighten your day, for sure!