Wholesome Comics for Stress Relief

Nashville-based Guy Kopsombut knows all too well that sometimes you just need a hug. Thus, he created the 4amShower comics, which are basically hugs in comic form.

Although he has a degree in Computer Engineering, Kopsombut used his artistic edge to create a comic that can help any person in the world relax from the stress of everyday life. Aiming to empathize and make his readers feel like they are not alone in their blues, Kopsombut communicates with his audience, which e-mails him their experience, for him to turn their stories into art. The universal themes make us feel empowered and OK with who we are.

The goal is to share love and hope among fans around the world, manifested through cute animal interactions. How does it feel to be apart from a loved one? How can someone help us achieve something? How do others deal with stress and fear? How can we get through the feeling that our life is a mess? In any case โ€“ we are not alone.

Scroll down for your hug in comic form: