Craftsman Makes Life-Sized Sculptures Using Old Tires

Screenshot via TireMan Cao Shengge/YouTube

Cao Shengge, better known as Tireman on social media, is a talented man who uses old tires and gives them a new life by using them to create sculptures. Recently, he made a life-sized Xenomorph, a creature from the Alien film franchise using 200 wasted tires.

He began his project by making a miniature sculpture from polymer clay. Then, he put together the skeleton using bicycle inner tubes and the tires. The Alien King Marquette took him 20 days to finish.

“Unlike ordinary aliens, Alien King has more tentacles. He has a lot of gully and scales on his body. It is necessary to cut the tires into very thin strips to simulate the texture of his skin, which is very difficult to make. But I feel quite satisfied with the presentation of the finished product,” the artist said in a statement on his YouTube channel.

He makes other remarkable sculptures as well. Like, for example, Godzilla, Kong, Angemon from the Digimon anime, War Elephant, and many more.

He began posting videos on the internet a year ago and has already reached over 15 million views. If you’re interested to see how he does his magic, check out the gallery below!