Illustrator Creates Intricate Drawings Using Hundreds Of Hatched Lines

Luis Coelho is a creative illustrator from Portugal who is drawing intricate cat illustrations using hundreds of hatched lines.

Coelho studied painting and illustration in college and after taking a long creative break, he got back to drawing by exploring new techniques and materials.

“The first cat I drew when I was already exploring this hatching technique was just because my brother-in-law had told me so many times to draw cats that I ended up drawing one,” the artist wrote for Bored Panda.

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Here's baby Frinkles! 😸 . . . . . . . (sold)

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“When I posted it on Instagram, I noticed an unusual amount of excitement around that drawing and it motivated me to draw more of them. I ended up finding cats to be extremely fun to draw allowing so many possibilities of interpretation,” Coelho said.

However, cats are not only animals that the artist has been drawing lately. He used this same hatching technique to illustrate dogs, armadillos, and squirrels.

Coelho is now a full-time illustrator and is inspiring more than 36 thousand followers on social media.

Check out his art below.