Daisy Collingridge Quilts Squishy Flesh Suits

Daisy Collingridge is a London-based artist who creates these amazing squishy bodysuits from fabrics and textiles. Her work is inspired by human anatomy with an artistic twist. She created a matching suit for each member of her family and named them Burt, Clive, Lippy, etc.

Collingridge starts each character from the head. She hand-dyes fabric and fills them with plastic beans before sewing them together into variously shaped blobs. After forming the body structure, she starts to stitch the blobs to the wadding. According to This is Colossal, she’s never timed her work but her estimate is that it takes around two months to make one complete piece.

“The squishy idea definitely came from my graduate collection, which was all free machine quilted, but all done with really fat wadding,” the artist told Dazed Digital. “It wasn’t really your traditional patchwork quilt.”

See her quirky creations below.