Emily Coxhead Adds a Bit of Sunshine to the World Around Her

Emily Coxhead’s work is dedicated to making people happy. Describing herself as a “fluffy-haired, smiley kinda thing but also a designer, illustrator and happy thing maker,” she launched in 2015 The Happy News, a newspaper celebrating only the good stuff going on around the world.

Aiming to add a little bit of sunshine to this funny old planet, while making a few people smile along the way, her website brings a refreshing twist on what we typically know as “news,” reporting on positive changes and truly inspiring people. She also runs an Instagram page, where she shares uplifting mantras and quotes.

“Without really realising I started on my little happy mission,” she admitted in an interview with Virgin. “I thought if I could make a few people’s worlds a little happier then that’s what I would do until I figured out what I was going to do for a ‘proper’ job. I set up a Kickstarter to fund the first issue of The Happy Newspaper, a newspaper to celebrate all the good stuff going on in the world.”

Since launching her project, Coxhead has appeared on BBC, HuffPost, and more, released a range of greeting cards and merchandise, published her book Make Someone Happy with Penguin Random House and is continuing to expand all things happy from the worlds tiniest, most rainbow-filled office. 

“The fact that I can do what makes me happy for a living whilst also making others happy surely has to be the best thing ever!” she exclaims. “But also cups of tea, biscuits, and sunsets make me happy.”

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Sooo I may have had a lil Ranty McRantface on my stories last night 🥴 and I received a message …the person didn’t mean anything bad by it… but I felt the need to explain myself, which I know I don’t but this is for anyone else who might think I only use this platform to rant these days 😂🙈 This is my personal account, so I’m going to share some good stuff but also the bad and the ugly stuff too at times. I want more people to start realising the effect negative comments, emails and copying people’s work has as well as anything else I may have spoken about in recent months on here. Things have been tough and stressful over the past few months with work and life so I’m not going to come on here and pretend everything is wonderful all of the time because I’ve never done that and never will. I started the happy newspaper after going through a really difficult time and I now use @thehappynewspaper as an account to only share positive news and wonderful stuff, (I suggest following that if you don’t want to see my personal stuff 😂). I, personally, don’t like to follow people on here who put on a fake persona or make out like their life and the world is perfect because it isn’t sadly and every day at the minute I have horrible emails or comments or whatever to deal with and it’s exhausting. I don’t go on about it but last night it all boiled up and I just decided to share it on here. I’m actually able to laugh most of the crap off because it’s so silly but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t bother me still! I’ll be honest, I feel that busy at the moment that I don’t share all the tiny happy moments with Niall, friends or family, because they are the bits that matter to me the most and are very personal and believe it or not I don’t document every single moment of my life & even if I did it wouldn’t be to share on here… I don’t feel that I or anybody shouldn’t have to justify what they post on their own personal Instagram and I’m always quite open in saying that, but here I’ve tried to and hope it makes sense 🙃🌈 side note: watch the ‘lol’ highlight if you’re new here and you’ll see I’m not a miserable bastard 😂

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