Emily Yeadon Makes Moths, Butterflies, and Fungi out of Fabric

Textile artist Emily Yeadon specializes in creating whimsical creatures out of fabric, thread, and paint. “My work is heavily influenced by a particular museum that I discovered at the age of eleven while I was studying at a performing arts boarding school in Tring, UK,” said the British artist in an interview with Enchanted Living Magazine. “The Walter Rothschild Zoological Museum is famous for holding one of the finest collections of stuffed mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects, and this amazing collection of animals is what triggered my obsession with taxidermy.”

Of course, her incredible collection of faux taxidermy was also very much inspired by her rural upbringing. Having grown up in the countryside in a rural hamlet, deep in the North of England, Yeadon’s home was surrounded by open fields and ancient woodlands, while in the distance, the Yorkshire Dale mountains towered above the horizon. Having spent her entire childhood immersed in nature, nature is second nature to her; it’s also what drives her creative passion.

“My favorite way to seek enchantment is by taking long walks,” says Yeadon. “I’ve always loved climbing mountains in the Lake District with my dad and our family dog, Toby. That moment when we finally reach the summit—icy winds whipping around us as damp heavy clouds form a blanket over our view. A peaceful moment in nature, tranquil, and calm.”

But when it comes to her creations themselves, incredibly enough, she relies on experimentation and much trial and error. “One evening, I randomly decided to dust off my old sewing machine and rekindled my love for textiles,” recalled the self-taught artist. “I gradually began to incorporate fabrics and machine and hand embroidery into my wire creations at the very end of 2017,” she notes, adding that she loves experimenting with mixed mediums.

Take a look at some of her incredible creations:

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