Ester the Wonder Pig’s Adoption Journey Will Leave You in Tears

As most pet parents probably know, pet adoption is a journey that can lead to all sorts of unexpected places. Some adopt a tiny puppy and end up raising a huge dog, or that active, playful one-year-old husky turns out to be a total couch potato. Still, very few pets have surprised their owners like Ester the Wonder Pig.

Ester was adopted by her parents, Steve and Derek, in 2012. Back then she was a tiny baby pig, weighing in at 4 pounds. When Steve and Derek met her, they were told that she was a “micro pig,” that would always remain small.

Miniature pigs are incredibly popular as pets these days. Domesticated pigs are smart, social animals, that love their packs and enjoy spending time with humans. Some miniature pig breeds are about the size of a medium-sized dog, which makes them perfect as pets in small, crowded city apartments.

 Sadly, there are a lot of scammers in the pig adoption business, and some adopters unknowingly adopt babies of full-sized pigs. And that’s exactly what Ester was. In the next two years, Ester grew and grew, reaching 600 pounds! And that’s where the story gets heartwarming – most adopters, upon realizing their mistake, find a new home for the pigs, or even abandon them!

Steve and Derek had other plans. They weren’t willing to say goodbye to Ester – so they sold their house and bought a farm outside the city so that Ester could stay with them forever! Are they the BEST pig parents ever, or what?

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Life is better with a best friend.

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