Father and Son Create Fan Movies and Uploads Them on YouTube

Screenshot via Joey and Adrian MacNeil/YouTube

Besides being a super-cool dad, Joey MacNeil is an art teacher, artist, filmmaker, and animator who, together with his son, makes fan films and uploads them to YouTube.

Their latest movie is the Batman fan film entitled Adrian MacNeil’s Tales of the Dark Knight in which the junior MacNeil plays all the roles, over 20. The whole project took them around two years to make. 

“During its production, Adrian expressed to me that he wanted his movie to play at the local cinema, where we go to see movies and forged our love for the cinema” the dad shared on Bored Panda. “On November 30th [2019] we rented a theatre at the local Cineplex, invited friends and family and held a world premiere complete with a red carpet.”

The screening consisted of five episodes; the total run time was 25 minutes. If you want to see MacNeils’ work, check out the links below. The third episode will premiere later this week.