French Artist Creates Incredible Plant-Based Installations

With a pseudonym like Monsieur plant, it should come as no surprise that the artist has a deep appreciation of everything botanical. 

Christophe Guinet, the French artist behind Monsieur plant, has created a stunning new outdoor installation called Tree Hug in Annecy, France to raise awareness for the ways humans are impacting the environment. 

The piece, which quite literally connects humans with nature, was designed in collaboration with the residents of the Annecy. Monsieur plant invited locals to have their arms cast and then allowed plant vegetation to grow around the casts. Once the vegetation had fully grown, the hands were wrapped around trees in the forests of Annecy. 

On his website, the artist describes the environmental inspiration for the project. “Currently, the ecological awareness is a big debate, the human must change his habits by respecting his environment more. Trees are an invaluable asset that contributes in many ways to balancing the ecosystem in which we live. The work represents the surrealist evolution of the human being into a tree, absorbed by the “nature” which has taken back its rights. Nature and man merge and become one.” 

Monsieur plant has a history of working with all parts of the plant world, including building one of a kind sculptures out of grass and bark. 

Check out a video on the creation of Tree Hug and more pictures of the green-thumbed work below.