Austrian Artist Turns Rooms Into Mind-Boggling Optical Illusions

Through a clever combination of paint, grids, and projections, artist Peter Kogler turns full rooms and smaller spaces into mind-boggling optical illusions. 

Revamping the disorienting feeling of the circus’ funhouse mirror, the Vienna based Kogler deploys thick lines and a minimalist color palette to create exhilarating illusions. The eye-popping illusions challenge both the viewer’s sense of reality and spatial awareness. 

Kogler mainly uses the colors of black and white to create repetitive grids that snake throughout the spaces he chooses to transform, including stairwells, halls, galleries, and transit centers. In addition, he uses projectors to help turn the spaces into dreamlike landscapes. 

“The black-and-white grid provides a maximum contrast which has a very strong visual presence,” noted Kogler in a conversation with Kathrin Rhomberg. “The structure of the image is comprehensive and completely surrounds the beholder. In a sense, you are standing in the picture, and the work can be experienced physically.”

Early in his career, Kogler was a pioneer in the field of computer-generated artwork, an expertise that he continues to apply to his artwork. 

Check out his incredible illusions on his website or on his Instagram below. 

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