Artist Transforms Song Waves Into Awesome Prints

Have you ever wondered what a physical depiction of your favorite song might look like?

Even if you haven’t, British artist and designer Alex Szabo-Haslam has developed a method to show you how, and it’s pretty awesome. 

Dubbing the project Waveform, Szabo-Haslam was inspired to turn the sounds of music into data after a teacher noticed him sketching designs based on music. 

“I’d sit drawing different ways to interpret sound whenever I could, sketching various shapes and line styles. One afternoon, a science teacher saw my sketches, and encouraged me to develop them further,” Szabo-Haslam told Billboard.

The artist began plotting out his favorite tracks, turning the electronic crunch of rave musicians like Aphex Twin and Kraftwerk into minimalist yet staggering designs. Using the sound waves, Szabo-Haslam reimagines the graphic as a series of thin bars and carefully draws each of them by hand. 

He now offers the unique process for all music lovers through the website Kickstarter. As no two sound waves are the same, each piece of artwork is unique to the song it is based on, creating a one of a kind musical souvenir. He accepts requests for every song ever recorded and prints them on the background color of your choice. 

Check out his cool music creations on his Instagram below or visit his Kickstarter to purchase your print.