Funny Photos of a Dog Catching Treats

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This lifestyle photographer captures dogs in their blissful moments, frozen in time.

Christian Vieler has taken several portraits of canines as they try to catch treats in the air. These beautiful images show the funny side of dogs as they struggle to catch their treats and anticipate the delicious snack.

The photos appear like they were taken in time lapse mode or slow motion. This is because the micro expression takes place in a split second. They also highlight an amazing range of emotions. Many of the pets appear excited while others are worried or afraid. It goes to show that dogs have emotions as humans do. Their personalities also shine through effortlessly.

You can tell the lively dogs apart from the shy ones just by ooking at these pictures. The best part about these pictures is that they offer a different perspective to different people. To dog owners, they are precious, but the same can’t be said for some other people.