Illustrator Creates Relatable Digital Art

Talented illustrator, Stephan Schmitz creates art in a digital form, which reflects the hardships faced in modern life.

His art describes the different facets of life and how humans view their bodies in relation to technology, dealing with people around our careers and us. They are poignant but are not overly dramatic. This art offers a way for individuals to look into their personalities to consider how they relate to the subject.

Schmitz’s work is not too literal as staring at his work is almost the same as solving a puzzle. However, he provides some visual clues, and it is up to the viewer to connect the dots. It also allows viewers to provide an emotional response. He depicts depression in a lighter manner rather than just depicting a sad person. This way, it shows loneliness, isolation and a force that pushes you into places you could never anticipate. This type of digital art resonates with lots of viewers.