“Game of Throne” Final Season Trailer Released, Where is Viserion?

Winter is finally here. The long awaited 8th and final season of Game of Thrones is here. Viewers are already speculating about the outcomes of the last battle. One question on the minds of viewers is the fate of the dragon, Viserion

The dragon didn’t die as it was struck by an ice spear by the Night King. It was turned into a wight. The final season’s trailer didn’t contain any scenes showing the dragon, so it has prompted a lot of questions.

Viserion was last seen flying through the air with holes in patches in its wing. Obviously, there are signs of decay, and this suggests that it had become a zombie. It also appeared that the Night King had full control over the dragon.

Fans are keeping their fingers crossed for the season coming in April. You can watch the trailer below.