Gifted Artist Creates Abstract Landscapes

Jason Anderson is a Dorset, England-based artist who is fascinated by color and works with a strong palette to create modern landscapes in his unique, abstract style. His artistic journey began while he was working on a restoration project like York Minster, Gloucester, and Wells cathedrals as part of a stained glass apprenticeship.

“I quickly progressed onto design work which taught me to compose and stylize subject matter around a ‘jigsaw’ of painted glass – an approach that still drives my work today,” the artist shared on his personal website. “This approach creates a painting which, like the landscape, is constantly changing. So when you move around the room and the ridges of paint catch the light, there is always something new to see.”

You can check out Anderson’s work on his Instagram account where he shares his remarkable abstract landscapes. With his talent, the artist has attracted over 65.3 thousand followers.