Organic Shapes Create Otherworldly Experience in Yellena James’ Abstract Paintings

Portland-based artist Yellena James creates abstract paintings that represent an intriguing combination of familiar and unknown. She uses organic shapes and natural forms to build ecosystems that only exist in the imaginary world.

James manages to create an impressive depth in her paintings with the use of an extensive color palette as well as various different painting methods. Aside from acrylic paint, she also uses pens, pencils, and markers, depending on the effect she wants to achieve.

“I attempt to create an ethereal place which is hypnotically familiar and yet hauntingly exotic, adding tiny little details in a sort of compulsive meditation until a perfect balance is created,” the artist shares on her website. “The intricacy and high detail, along with hints of existing organic shapes lend to the intimacy and believability of each new world.”

James exhibited her paintings in solo shows and group exhibitions across the United States as well as overseas. She also released a drawing book, Star, Branch, Spiral, Fan, which provides drawing lessons through a focus on shapes and forms found in nature while contributing illustrations for various publications. 

This talented artist also frequently shares her newest works on social media. Scroll down to check them out.