Japanese Artist Sanagi Draws Intricate Doodles in Moments of Inspiration

Artists usually put a lot of thought into their pieces. They devise an elaborate idea in their mind, go to great lengths to prepare the material they will need, and often make several sketches before even starting to work on the artwork. But the Japanese artist known as Sanagi doesn’t do any of that.

Usually relying just on a pen and paper, Sanagi draws intricate doodles in moments of inspiration. Once he starts working on a piece, even he doesn’t know how it will turn out, letting his imagination wonder and guide his hand. 

Still, his works, mostly done in black and white with occasional hints of red and gold, are extremely detailed and intricate. They feature complex abstract patterns, bold lines, dotted sections, and depictions of forms found in nature, with all of them coming together in a single work in a surprisingly captivating way.

 “I paint with the soul of that moment and let my hands move, so even I can’t imagine how it will be completed. So every time I draw, I run my pen with a mixture of anticipation and anxiety,” Sanagi shares in the description of his profile featured on Tokyo-based art gallery TRiCERA.

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