Glass Reproductions of Viruses and Bacteria by Luke Jerram

People are usually afraid of the things they can’t see. This is one of the reasons why viruses and bacteria, both unseen by the naked eye, have always caused big panic among the human population. One artist is trying to change that by giving these viruses and bacteria visible representation in hopes that his works can help people understand them better.

Since 2004, visual artist Luke Jerram has been creating glass sculptures representing various viruses and bacteria as part of his ongoing Glass Microbiology project. Jerram’s works often correspond with current events, and so far, he has reproduced a number of viruses, including HIV, ZIKA, and most recently, COVID-19.

“Made to contemplate the global impact of each disease, the artworks are created as alternative representations of viruses to the artificially colored imagery received through the media,” Jerram shares on his website.

Jerram received significant recognition for his Glass Microbiology sculptures over the years. His works have not only proved to be a helpful tool for the scientific community but are also appreciated for their artistic value. Most of his creations are now in museums across the world or part of private art collections.

For those who cannot check out Jerram’s sculptures in person, here is more of them through the magic of Instagram.