This Drawing Machine Creates Mesmerizing Artworks

James Nolan Gandy is a talented craftsman that uses his skills to create art. The way he does it is a bit unusual, as he actually makes things that make art.

Gandy’s most recent invention is a drawing machine that creates mesmerizing artworks. It draws complex patterns and shapes that look like they are a result of an elaborate algorithm. However, that’s not the case as the electric motor-powered machine is entirely analog.

While the machine is the one pressing pen on paper, Gandy actually determines what the artwork will look like. By making adjustments to the mechanical parts, he is able to set the speed of the machine and the outcome of the patterns. But Gandy’s contributions don’t end there. 

When the machine is drawing multi-color pieces, each color must be applied separately. This means Gandy has to step in, pause the process, switch the colors, and then set the machine back in motion.

Gandy spent the majority of his adult life working in the custom furniture business and only became interested in metal and mechanics several years ago. After that, he started challenging himself with various demanding projects and has since crafted several drawing machines that create different types of art.

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