Greenpeace Activist Makes a Sculpture of Whales to Warn About Water Polluting

We already know that life on this planet as we know it is about to change soon and the Mediterranean Sea is a cause for concern for a lot of people. The impact that society has had on its ecosystem has been a cause for alarm for many years and now urgent measures are required to ensure its survival.

The Mediterranean Sea is one of the most visited touristic destinations that attracts thousands of tourists every summer, but unfortunately, their favorite sea is fighting with water pollution. According to WWF, almost 570 thousand tons of garbage flood into the sea every year, which is equivalent to 33,800 plastic bottles per minute. 

Looking for new ways to be seen and heard, eco-activists decided to visually demonstrate the problem that cries out for urgent action from all stratums of society. Most recently, Greenpeace activists erected a pair of life-size sculptures of two whales emerging from a sea of plastic debris in front of the Hungarian Parliament. The large whales, are entirely made of paper and are a symbol of the detrimental effect that plastic has on marine life. We hope that actions like this will soon inspire a long-lasting solution to this global problem.