Here are Some Collage Artists You’ll Want to Follow on Instagram

Collage art is as old as paper itself, and there is evidence for techniques of collage being used at the time of the invention of paper in China, around 200 BC. But as paper evolved, so did the art of stripping it and assembling it back together. Here are some contemporary collage artists you’ll want to follow.

Eugenia Loli

Collage artist, illustrator, and filmmaker, Eugenia Loli, is inspired by the works of Magritte, Dali, Picasso, and Andy Warhol. Originally from Greece, and currently based in California, she sees collage as “the ultimate remix visual art” in “the age of remix”. “Naturally, creativity flows through that medium, and it’s rather easy to get started with it, so it becomes very fun, very soon,” she expressed in an interview with Plastik Magazine.

Johanna Goodman

New York-based artist, Johanna Goodman, is a master of her craft, with clients that include The Museum of Natural History, Time Magazine, Rolling Stone, Le Monde, and The New York Times, amongst others. According to Goodman, her collage tecniques are “really intuitive and surprising and sometimes totally confounding which is a real treat.”

Ted Feighan

Clevland-based visual artist and musician Ted Feighan likes incorporating tropical themes in his work – he’s inspired by travel, exotic plants and animals, and vintage interior design. “I’ll spend a lot of time cutting up paper and listening to records before I start to assemble any of the finished pieces,” he shared with the Urban Outfitters blog, talking about his creative process. “I’ll usually work on putting together a few at once.”