Here is What Happens When You Melt 117 Scented Candles Together

Safiya Nygaard is a popular YouTuber who is famous for her beauty and style-themed videos, as well as the interesting experiments she occasionally does. While most of her previous experiments included makeup, Safiya decided to try something different in her latest viral video, and tried to find out what happens when you melt a large number of scented candles together and mixed them into one “Franken-candle.”

The process of making the candle first involved buying 117 different scented candles from Bath & Body Works and then taking a scoop of each one and putting it into one big pot. The candles had variety of different scents, from citrus, coconut, and apple to cinnamon and wood.

After melting the scrapings of original candles, Safiya poured the liquid into a candle container and left it to solidify.

Are you curious to see how did her experiment turned out and which scent the “Franken-candle” ended up having? Watch the video below.