Illustrator Draws Baby Yoda Enjoying Junk Food

Since appearing in The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda has taken over the internet. This adorable character is everyone’s new favorite cutie, so it isn’t strange to see artists from all around the world use him as inspiration for their works. The latest to do so is illustrator J. Shari Ewing.

Ewing recently started a series of illustrations in which she imagines Baby Yoda as a junk food-eating machine. In her artworks, the character enjoys all sorts of delicious meals, including pickles, popcorns, cookies, and whatnot.

The illustrations of hungry Baby Yoda quickly went viral, bringing Ewing lots of new followers who can’t wait to see her new works.

“One of the goals for my art has always been to spread joy to others,” Ewing told My Modern Met. “So when I created the first piece of ‘Baby Yoda’ eating pizza in his pod bassinet it was purely to share the joy that the character inspired in me while enjoying one of my favorite foods.”

Check out some of Baby Yoda’s meals below.