Baby Yoda Hat Made By Julia Voncannon

Julia Voncannon is a graphic designer from Guatemala who uses mix media in her creations. Inspired by the Baby Yoda memes, she decided she would also join the craze by making a Baby Yoda hat.

“My desire is to empower you to do what I can do,” she wrote on her YouTube channel. “I have a passion to create challenging and great things in crochet, especially character hats. I love Star Wars, and all the things you can create a hat from.”

 Her crocheting journey began in 2012, and since then, the self-taught crafter made many beautiful hats that you can check out on her Etsy store.

“I like focusing on making them look as similar as possible from the original picture,” the artist shared on Bored Panda. “I have learned so many tricks and hacks in crochet, and I want to teach others and empower them to believe that they can do it as well.”

If you want to learn more about crocheting, check out her YouTube channel, or have a look at her Etsy store where you can purchase some of her creations.