Instagram User Responds to Bullying By Creating Body Art

Image via radiantbambi/Instagram

At the age of 12, Ash Soto was diagnosed with vitiligo. When her condition began to deteriorate, she started to feel uncomfortable with her skin. She endured bullying as a child, but as a 21-year-old adult, she embraces her skin.

When Soto became a teenager, she decided to make serious changes without letting her skin hold her back. She started small by giving herself small tasks such as taking a walk without putting on a long sleeve shirt. In the end, she found an excellent way to express herself: by turning her body into art. This young Instagrammer didn’t know how beautiful her skin was until she started tracing it with a marker.

This art helps her body to highlight the different skin colors. She was able to turn an imperfection into a beautiful piece of art and empower young people such as herself.

See some of her amazing pictures below.

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One of my favorites 🌎❤️

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