ONIRO’s Mesmerizing Murals Show the Connection Between Nature and Humans

Being connected to nature is a human instinct. We turn to nature for water, food, and materials to make our lives easier. We also find peace in being surrounded by nature, thanks to its beauty and calming effect.

Italian street artist ONIRO made the connection between nature and humans the centerpiece of his mesmerizing murals. In his works, plants, branches, or large land masses come together to form human forms and organs.

For example, one of ONIRO’s murals shows a tree taking the shape of a human heart. Another mural, titled Coltivazione del Sé (Cultivation of Self), shows outstretched hands holding a pot from which a plant grows and takes the shape of a human.

“Who we are? Who are we deep down? In the invisible textures of our essence, there is a pressing need to manifest our Uniqueness. I dream of a reality in which everyone can feel FREE TO BECOME THEMSELVES by finding their own role in the world, cultivating their own aptitudes and diversity, which are essential to the richness of the social ecosystem,” ONIRO shared captioning the photo of “Coltivazione del Sé” on his Instagram page.

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