Jason Boyd Kinsella Uses Geometric Forms to Create Abstract Portraits

In the works of Canadian artist Jason Boyd Kinsella, colorful geometric forms come together to create abstract portraits.

Kinsella arranges geometric forms like triangles, cylinders, blocks, and spheres in a way that they resemble facial features. He then applies vivid colors to these forms in order to bring the personality of the subject to the surface.

For Kinsella, geometric forms and their colors, shapes, and placements serve as building blocks for unique personalities. This is one of the reasons why every subject he paints has his own name and detailed description.

“I gravitate to geometric blocks because they are the simplest and most honest forms of expression that enable me to see a person without distractions. There’s nowhere to hide,” Kinsella explains.

In his creative practice, Kinsella follows the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator, a personality test that helps people determine which one of the 16 distinct “personality types” they belong to. The artist received a book containing the questionnaire as a gift while growing up and became fascinated with its ideas. It ended up making a lasting impression on him and shaped his artistic practice. 

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