Jason Lyons Creates Organic Sculptures Using Reclaimed Materials

Sculpture Jason Lyons uses found objects as the basis of his work, creating organic sculptures based on forms found in the natural world. Led by the materials themselves, it is the organic nature of many of the man-made objects he reclaims that serve as the initial inspiration for his work, lending themselves to the organic figures Lyons goes on to create.

“Creations from man-made objects discarded as refuse and reinterpreted to form objects found in nature are the inspirations for my art,” he states on his website. “The simple spoon forms the body of a rainbow trout; a discarded children’s toy becomes the foundation for a moose; horseshoes transform into armadillos.”

Consisting of primarily wood or metal, the reclaimed objects are transformed from their mechanized human intentions into organic figures found in nature. “I look for these shapes buried within objects,” Lyons further explained in a piece he wrote for Artsy Shark. “I then utilize these shapes and reinterpret them into the anatomical structures that make up the organic sculptures I create.”

According to Lyons, through his inherent passion for the discarded object, he has developed a unique perspective and talent to visually dissect, reinterpret and then repurpose the materials found in his sculptures. “I look for the potential in every object to be a valuable contributor to the sculptures I create,” he says.

Because, ultimately, who’s to say if a spoon handle isn’t actually a bird’s wing waiting to take flight?