Lost Dog Was Reunited With His Family at a Cat Adoption Event

No family wants to go through losing pets, just worrying about what has happened to your loved one is stressful enough. It’s hard not to hold out hope that your fur baby will one day return. One Florida family was going through this so they decided to go to a PetsMart adoption event.

Their dog went missing in August and they wanted to adopt a kitten. When they were waiting in line at the event, the best thing happened to the family; the father saw a dog that looked identical to the one the family had lost. The dog was being leashed for a walk and when the dad saw him he immediately said, “That’s my Dopey!” As soon as the dog heard his family’s voice he ran over to them. What a reunion!

Dopey was brought into the Jacksonville Human Society on October 1 by strangers who thought he was a stray. This story may seem too good to be true, but it happened again to the organization just a few days later at the Feline Frenzy mass spay and neuter event. A kitten that was microchipped was returned back to her family as well.