This Cat’s Journey to her Forever Home Will Leave You in Tears

Not all cats get the start they deserve in life. Luckily, some of them do find a loving home and bloom into the beautiful, loyal, and lovable companions we all know and love. That is the story of Nala the Cat.

Nala spent her first months in a hoarding situation – meaning her owners had too many cats. Pet hoarders aren’t bad or cruel people but are usually folks who don’t know how to care for the animals they love and take on more than they can care for. Eventually, they can’t keep up and at least some of the cats become neglected.

When Nala was six months old, she and her cat siblings were surrendered to a shelter, where they waited for somebody to adopt them. It took a while, but eventually, a special family came in and took her home.

It wasn’t easy at first – Nala had never been in a “normal” home before, and didn’t know how to act. She had to learn how to trust humans and to feel at home with her new family. But little by little she opened up. She turned into a funny, cuddly little kitten, and her parents started sharing photos of her on Instagram. Soon enough, she turned into an IG star, with 4 million followers!

Nala’s parents never expected her account to blow up the way it did, but are now using that for good, by raising awareness to shelters and rescues that are full of cats just like Nala.