Make-up Artist Creates Gorgeous Pop Culture-Inspired Lip Art

While many people still see cosmetics as a practical way to beautify the features you were born with, make-up is considered an art form nowadays – and it doesn’t even have to be wearable.

Modern make-up artists have broken out of their cage of simply embellishing people’s faces and started using the body as a canvass to express their unique sense of aesthetics. And some of them, such as popular lip artist Ryan Kelly, have mastered superb techniques that simply mesmerize us.

Kelly, whose enormous talent and devotion to detail takes lip painting to a whole new spectacular level, has been practicing her craft for almost five years. She works as a full-time make-up artist in Maryland in her freelance make-up company, Blend Makeup Artistry, which focuses on bridal make-up.

In 2015, she caught the attention of the internet with an Instagram picture of her lips with the viral phenomenon “Left Shark” and has since then posted numerous of lip art recreations of popular imagery and famous characters with unbelievable accuracy that have blown people’s minds.

The young make-up phenomenon also stays on top of all the lip trends that we love, creating stunning looks in bold colors and patterns. Prepare yourself for some serious lip envy as you check out some of her best works below!