War and Peas: Absurd Humor for Absolute Enjoyment

If you’re a fan of absurd comedy and creative storylines that will grip and surprise you in the mere timespan of four comic panels, you should definitely check out “War and Peas.” Artists Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz are the dynamic duo behind the hilarious webcomic.

Bound by their obsessions for carrot cake and alien movies, this Saarbrucken (Germany) based pair has been creating fun stories about witches, robots, animals, flashers, family life, pirates, among many other topics.

The “War and Peas” website is divided in several categories, to include “Relatable,” “Wicked,” “Love,” “Feminism”, and “Nerd.” Clearly, not only do the webcomics cater to a wider-ranged audience (with the same style but different topics), but the creators are also making deeper, social and political statements through their humorous work.

Body positivity, sex positivity, and representation across lifestyle choices are some of the marks that give this comic an edge in possessing a meaningful subtext beyond the joke. Sometimes, of course, it’s just funny, and that’s still just as awesome.

Scroll down for some laughs: