This Cat is So Famous That She Was Interviewed by Oprah!

Here’s a fun fact: the most famous cat on Instagram (boasting an official Guinness World Record so you know it’s legit) was actually adopted from a shelter; proving that adopting a pet is not only a more moral option, it can also come with a fanbase!

Indeed, when it comes to notoriety, it’s hard to compete with Nala Cat. Sporting more than four million followers on Instagram, Nala’s legacy will likely trample ours. Her photos showcase the cat in all her glory: her lush gray coat, piercing blue eyes (albeit sometimes cross-eyed), and quirky personality will have you sold in an instant.

“The story of one kitten, Nala, starts off at a home where the owners could no longer take care of the cats and kittens because there were too many,” shared her owner, Varisiri (Pookie) Methachittiphan, on the Instagram sensation’s personal website. “Nala was then taken away to the shelter where she was separated from her original family.”

And while Methachittiphan doesn’t know what happened with the rest of the cats or kittens, Nala’s journey to stardom began on that fateful day. Aside from being a top earner on Instagram, Nala won the TikToker of the Year award at the 11th annual Shorty Awards and was even interviewed by Oprah Winfrey.

But at least according to Methachittiphan, the cat’s fame came as a total surprise. “I just started Instagram without actually thinking that she was going to be so famous,” she admits. If you’re not following her yet, now’s the time!