Filmmaker Creates Animations With the Most Unlikely Material

If you let your imagination run free, even the simplest materials can turn into a unique piece of art. Andrea Love is an independent animator and filmmaker from Port Townsend, Washington, who loves to create animation, not with colors, digital tools or even play dough – but with wool.

Andrea has always loved films, and when she had to decide on a college, she ended up enrolling in a movie production program. On top of learning how to write, direct and produce films, she also taught herself how to create stop motion animation – a traditional animation technique were puppets are moved and put in slightly different poses and photographed each time. In the end, the photos are shown in quick succession to create the illusion of movement.

Most stop-motion artists use clay, play dough, wood and metal to create their characters and story, but Andrea went for a different style when she chose to create everything with wool. The wool has a simple, handmade quality, and is extremely versatile – it can be felted to create 3d objects, or combed and straightened to create flat lines, and can be moved around easily.

Andrea’s animations are not only beautiful but also feel warm and welcoming – between the old-timey stop-motion, the soft, fluffy wool, and the lovely themes – these short films will make you feel right at home.