Matt Benedetto is Back With More Useless Products That We Don’t Need

You probably remember Matt Benedetto, a product designer from Burlington, Vermont who created a series of useless products to solve problems that actually don’t exist.

It’s been a few months since we’ve heard about Benedetto’s “Unnecessary Inventions” and now he’s back with more products that we really don’t need. Still, we’re eager to see them.

“Absolutely no one was asking me to create these products but they solve every non-existent problem in your daily life. It has been my calling to design these inventions for our modern world to enjoy. The last few weeks I have been busy in my evil secret lair devising my newest batch of inventions,” the creator said to Bored Panda.

His newest batch of inventions includes a necklace made of ice cubes to keep you cool during these hot summer days, an umbrella designed for any smartphone, heels with training wheels, a belt buckle for letting out the frustration, and many more.

Benedetto’s products are hilarious, just like the previous series of his inventions and maybe they’re not so useless after all.