Mesmerizing Images Made of a Thousand Drops of Color

Finding your own voice as an artist isn’t easy. It’s so easy to feel like everything’s been done already and you have nothing to contribute. But every once in a while, a new artist will create something completely new and change the art world completely.

Have an inspiring day my beautiful friends! <3 … this is another of my original paintings from my signature "rooted…

Posted by Ebova on Thursday, January 9, 2020

Erika Pochybova, also known as Ebova, has been painting in her own unique style since 2007 and it is like nothing else you’ve ever seen. What makes it unique, above all, is her technique. Each painting is made up of thousands of tiny dots of color that come together to create a beautiful image, usually of something from the natural world.

It’s easy to get lost in those paintings – they have so much to offer. Step back and you’ll find a gorgeous tree with flowers for roots, or a translucent jellyfish deep in the ocean. Step a little closer, and you’ll be mesmerized by the tiny dots of color, each placed meticulously on the fabric to complement every other little dot.

Ebova sais her art is supposed to be seen as metaphorical. It’s not about the horse or the bird she’s painted – it’s about celebrating the beauty of nature and reminding ourselves that we’re surrounded by magic. And with her thousand tiny drops of paint, she achieves that goal easily.

This is one of my original paintings in my signature style from 2012. Enjoy…. ©EBOVA#ebova #ebovasignature #beauty #nature #artcollector #artcurator #artcritic #art

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Good Morning My Beautiful Friends! <3 This is one of my earlier paintings in my signature style. It is titled "…

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Have an inspiring day my beautiful friends! <3…. This is one of my earlier paintings "The Blue Flower" ( 2011, 55 x 85…

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