Carol Milne is a Pioneer of “Knitted” Glass Sculptures

We’re always impressed to see awesome artwork that different glass artists from around the world are able to create using only stained-glass. But today we are going to meet the Seattle-based, Carol Milne, who is pushing the boundaries by creating “knitted” glass sculptures from this fragile material.

Most of Milne’s sculptures feature one or two needles that look like they’re knitting loose woolen scarves. But these colorful weaved loops are not made from wool, they’re sculpted from delicate glass. The artist says her knitted work is actually a metaphor for social structure.

“Individual strands are weak and brittle on their own, but deceptively strong when bound together,” Milne said in a statement. “You can crack or break single threads without the whole structure falling apart. And even when the structure is broken, pieces remain bound together. The connections are what bring strength and integrity to the whole and what keep it intact.”

We can’t possibly imagine how much patience and dedication one needs to create such breathtaking sculptures using this fragile material. Milne is a pioneer in the field of knitted glass, and some would probably say a magician for creating these illusions.

Check out her artwork in the photos below.