Mexican Artist Illustrates Focuses On Silhouettes And Facial Expressions

Pepe Delgado Navarro, a 29-year-old self-taught illustrator and character designer from Guadalajara, Mexico is passionate about shapes, saturated colors, and textures. He studied animation at the Digital Arts University in his hometown, however, instead of doing animation, he chooses concept art.

“I like to just grab a pencil and draw, but I work on digital most of the time because it’s faster and easy to fix mistakes,” the artist told Ballpit and added that he mostly focuses on the silhouette and facial expression because ‘it helps a lot to express the idea I have in my mind’.

Navarro seeks his inspiration from people and the things he sees on the streets. He also finds movies and other artists quite interesting and inspiring. Currently, he has almost 8,000 Instagram followers and his artwork receives hundreds of likes on each post.

We really enjoyed browsing through his Instagram page and we believe that you will enjoy it, too. Follow him for future updates.
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