Yulia Brodskaya Creates Amazing Art From Paper Strips

To make paper art, one needs a lot of skill, patience, and a keen eye for details. It seems that UK-based artist Yulia Brodskaya has all of that in abundance.

For years now, Brodskaya is astonishing social media users with her awesome paper art. The thing that sets her apart from others isn’t just the exquisite craft she possesses; it’s also the intricate technique she uses.

Brodskaya describes her work as “painting with paper.” She approaches every work as a painting she wants to draw. However, instead of using actual paint, she paints with colored paper strips that she glues on canvas. The final outcome is so impressive that we had to show her works to you.

Check out some of it below, and also enjoy a helpful tutorial which might inspire you to try something like this for yourself.

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While busy working on the next large scale portrait, I decided to share these two paper artworks by Idham Chalique @ichalique ; his Lion design caught my eye a few years ago, and my immediate thought was 'how good it is to stumble upon an example illustrating the message that I wholeheartedly believe in' (and trying to encourage in my book Painting with Paper): Unique styles of art created with strips of paper and card are waiting to emerge from courageous people who realize that tutorials and following someone else's directions are not absolutely necessary.  In the end of the day this is not building an engine from scratch, there is no right or wrong way of making paper art; that's why it is crucial to learn to connect and trust your own inner voice, your own creativity. You take a strip of paper, hold it, feel it in your hands, play with it, feel the texture, try manipulating it – by staying connected with your inner feelings while doing it, you'll realize that you already have all the answers: paper strip feels too flimsy for bending or standing on it's on? your inner voice will tell you that you should try a heavier one for this particular manipulation; paper strip creases when you roll it, an action seems forced? – go for a lighter paper or change the way you manipulate this one. Same principle applies to all other steps and decisions of the creative process; by taking a courage to make your own decisions you ensure that the artwork you produce is absolutely unique and truly reflects who you are in that moment of creation. We can and should be inspired by others, but it is crucial to keep your attention inwards when trying someone else's methods or techniques, meaning that you don't take any advice for granted, try it, experiment with it and decide for yourself (figuratively speaking, 'let it go through' yourself – most likely the outcome will be a new somewhat transformed method or style that will eventually distinguish your art from all the rest). There is nothing new I'm sharing with this message; what makes me happy is finding such amazing examples of authentic paper art as these works by Idham, where we can really feel his unique creative voice.

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