Miniature, Hyperrealistic Landscapes Depicted in Altoid Tins

Remington Robinson is an artist who depicts beautiful landscapes on Altoids tins. The Ohio-born painter began his art-making career in his hometown, but back in 2004, he decided he would follow his passion for painting mountains and moved to Colorado.

Besides his mini paintings that could fit in your pocket, Robinson has also worked on major public art projects, like painting murals. So he could proudly say that he has mastered details in all sizes.

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This painting of a snow pile at the edge of the parking lot at Home Depot took about an hour and a half to paint. About 30 minutes in, after I had carefully laid in the underpainting and was making decisions on what to do next, completely in my own world, I noticed out of my periphery that all the light seemed to go away and everything became very dark. I looked up to find that I was completely surrounded on all sides by cops in their black uniforms. It was like they crept up out of nowhere! Apparently someone had called the police because they saw me sitting there and immediately concluded that this person must be taking drugs, and that my pencil case containing my paintbrushes was a case full of drug needles. Of course I was just doing my job, painting. And I couldn’t fault the cops because they were also just doing their job. I wish I would have gotten a selfie with them! They said you’d be surprised at how many insipidly idiotic and paranoid people there are, who don’t pay enough attention, who do not examine reality close enough and simply assume the worst, call 911 and thereby waste everyones time, especially theirs (the police). In any case, this painting probably took more like an hour and twenty minutes, because that little rendezvous with law enforcement ate up about ten minutes. 🤦‍♂️ Also, the idea of painting a snow pile was inspired by @jamesgurneyart. Thanks for the inspiration James, that was fun! . . . #snowpile #pleinair #pleinairartist #pleinairpainter #pleinairpainting #altoids #altoidstinpainting #oilpainting #miniaturepainting #miniatureart #miniatureartist #minipainting #miniart #miniartist #tinypainting #tinyart #tinyartist #smallpainting #smallart #smallartist #micropainting #microart #microartist #bouldercolorado

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“I saw someone else doing it, and gradually started painting smaller and smaller things until I just said, ‘why not?’ and started doing these. That was about 2.5-3 years ago,” the artist told Bored Panda and added that by traveling around the world he has gained a global perspective about the impact of art in our lives.

You can see his work on his Instagram account where he has attracted more than 82,000 followers. He also publishes his work on his personal website and currently accepts commissions.

Scroll down and check out his miniature hyperrealistic art pieces below.