Painter Creates Remarkable Portraits Of Animals

Jennifer Gennari graduated with a degree in art in 2005 from the College of Art and Design in Florida and in 2008 she moved to Italy to study at the Florence Academy of Art. She moved to New York three years later. Gennari describes herself as a classically trained figurative artist who began painting animals in 2014.

According to her personal website, the artist is “driven by a deeply rooted passion to elevate and legitimize the life we have with them.” She describes her artwork as a Labor and Love. Gennari has also written a book on drawing the human figure and has taught online courses through Craftsy to help beginners learn the techniques used in creating traditional portraits.

The artist who adores painting animal portraits has exhibited internationally, and she has received multiple awards and honors to her work.

Scroll down and check out her adorable work below.