Sasha Ignatiadou’s Illustrations Feature Fearless Women

When it comes to Sasha Ignatiadou’s illustrations, patterns and colors are key. Originally from Russia, Ignatiadou is currently based in Germany. Having graduated from Rostov State Academy of Architecture and Art, her selected clients include Harper’s Bazaar, Elle Magazine, and Psychologies Magazine.

Inspired by nature, female beauty, plants, and eastern cultures, her illustrations mostly consist of female figures, surrounded by floral ornaments. “Inspiration literally accompanies me everywhere,” she told I Love Illustration. “I love my work so much that it’s enough for me to wake up early in the morning, to make coffee, to turn on the music and off you go… There are no special attributes of my inspiration, ideas are born from what I see around me, in nature, in books, on TV, in magazines.”

Her toolbox includes acrylic and watercolors, oil paints and digital helpers. According to Ignatiadou, creating an illustration is not unlike meditating – the process is more important than the result. “At the moment I’m working intuitively and all the illustrations that I create are rather an emotion that I try to show,” she shared. “I like to work in a calm, relaxed state, so I do not hurry to release one work per day. It usually takes quite a long time to develop a sketch and to choose the color scheme.”

Her advice to other aspiring artists: “trust your inner voice and your personal power.” Take a look at some of her powerful creations: