See What Happens When Two Old Witches Discover Tinder

Not even a decade ago, online dating stigma prevented many from engaging in meeting new people online or made them do it secretly. Today, however, society is much more open to the idea of people meeting on dating apps and continuing their relationships in person. 

A creative guy named Ian from the Youtube channel Worthikids published a new short animation that shows what happens when two old witches discover Tinder, a popular dating app. Ian lives in Michigan and creates fun short animations that are pure comedic gold. 

“My dad came up with the name Worthikids, a portmanteau of our surname Worthington and kids, when my siblings and I were signing up for a YoYoGames account,” he told It’s Nice That. He does all the voices himself which only proves his talent as an artist and comedian. Click play below to watch the animation.