Artist Makes Animations About Relatable Everyday Problems

Screenshot via YouTube/Wengsome

Weng is an artist whose goal is to make his followers’ day by creating hilarious comics everyone can relate to. Having a nine-to-five job, his “quirky slice of life comics” is created when the sun goes down. He began posting his four-paneled drawings at the end of July to entertain his admirers.

He also has a YouTube channel where he posts animated videos about everyday actions and problems. Like, for example, how technology affected our lives or giving some funny information about Malaysians.

“Animation takes up most of the time, so every now and then, in between producing videos, I post comics to entertain you guys! For those who don’t prefer videos, there’s always a written version of my stories in the video posts,” Weng also known as Wengsome on social media said in a statement.

Although he doesn’t have a big following, his work is amazing and worth checking out. If you are more into comics, check out his Instagram account, or website, but if you prefer animation and stories, hop onto his YouTube channel and enjoy his content.

We’ve picked our top five videos, and we hope you’ll enjoy them! Scroll down and check them out.