Street Artist Spreads Love and Good Feels With His Urban Interventions

Spreading love and good feels is something we should all look to do more. Because you never know when some simple gesture could change people’s lives or simply make their day.

Street artist Greg Goya is doing his part with clever urban interventions that revolve around love, fun, and kindness. For example, in one of his videos, Goya decided to set up a metal box with a glass panel that featured an inscription: “In case of love at first sight, break glass.” He also added a miniature hammer for easier breaking. 


in case of love at first sight, break the glass #streetart

♬ End of beginning by djo – Toria

Social media users seem to be enjoying Goya’s urban interventions quite a lot, considering that the video above received more than 58 million views.

“Now this is the only modern art I approve,” one Tiktok user wrote in the comments section.

Another TikTok video posted on Goya’s profile shows the street artist making all sorts of installations on the pavement. He painted a designated spot for kissing, turned the crosswalk into a “floor is lava” game, and added Hopscotch to the metro station.


me painting on the street (literally) #streetart

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Goya’s heartwarming urban installations have brought smiles to a lot of people, both in real life and on social media. If you want more of them yourself, check out some of his other videos below.


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♬ suono originale – greggoya

I’ll never stop loving you #streetart

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my street art compilation #streetart

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