This Rescued Pit Bull Can’t Stop Smiling

12 years ago, Jon Bozak rescued an abandoned pit bull. The puppy, which he named Brinks, hasn’t stopped smiling since.

While almost all dogs are good by nature and just want some love and attention, certain breeds carry a stigma and are often left abandoned and unwanted on the streets or in shelters. Pit bulls are wonderful companions but are seen as brutal, violent dogs. That’s probably why Brinks’ previous owner had abandoned him, though there’s no way to tell for sure.

Brinks was left alone outside a private school in New York. He hadn’t been abused or neglected, but he was alone, scared and confused. Luckily, one person saw him and couldn’t ignore him.

Jn Bozak was leaving his apartment with his dog Demo when the abandoned pit spotted them from across the street and trotted over to say hello. The first thing Jon noticed about this strange dog was his huge, welcoming smile. He had no intention of taking in another dog, but he couldn’t say no to that face. He put up flyers around the neighborhood in case Brinks was lost – but when no one called to claim him, Jon knew he was his new dad.

Brink hasn’t lost that grin ever since. In every photo and video, he seems like the happiest dog alive. He must know how lucky he is to have found his forever family.